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Limited Item

Modern Opal Jewelry

from top
pierced earrings 70,000yen/ K10 , opal and diamond
ring 80,000yen/ K10, opal and diamond
ring 60,000yen/ K10, opal and diamond
necklace 80,000yen/ K10, opal and diamond
bracelet 60,000yen/ K10, opal and diamond

Ginza Limited

Ginza Limited

from top
ring 48,000yen/ K14 and diamond
pierced earrings 60,000yen/ K14 and diamond
ring 54,000yen/ K14 and diamond
necklace 58,000yen/ K14 and diamond
necklace 68,000yen/ K14 and diamond

Ginza Limited

Ginza Limited

from left
bracelet 46,000yen
necklace 48,000yen
ring 53,000yen
pierced earrings 60,000yen
/ K18 and diamond

Ginza Limited

Ginza Limited

from left
pierced earrings 75,000yen
necklace 83,000yen
ring 60,000yen
ring 68,000yen
necklace 78,000yen
pierced earrings 72,000yen
/ K18 and diamond


Cash on delivery service

agete Ginza has special shopping service for customers who live in a long distance. Please contact to agete Ginza for more details.
Please note that…
*Shipping fee is not included. *We do not accept returns or exchanges for your convenience. *We also accept cash-on-delivery of repair items.



Remake Service

Would you like to remake your memorable jewelry to agete style jewelry?
*We use your jewelry stones. (We accept non-agete brand as well) *We will remake your jewelry to rings and charms. *Please choose the stone frame from our existing design. *Takes about two months to remake your jewelry. Please contact to our staff at agete Ginza. *There is a possibility that we can't remake your jewelry. Please contact to our staff at agete Aoyama Main Store for more details.



Penny Machine

You can make your original coin charm. Insert your coin to the machine and turn it around, then your coin becomes a coin charm.
This service is for only the customers who purchased our jewelry at our roadside store. Make a hole to your coin and make it to a keyholder. The engraving service is also available on the back of your coin. (Up to three alphabet letters)
Please come visit us when you are nearby our store.




2-4-5, ginza, chuo-ku, tokyo 104-0061
Tel: 03-6264-4581 Open: 11:00-20:00

*Our business hours may change.
Please contact to the store for the details.

agete GINZA

"agete Ginza" is the specialty shop that you enjoy special collections that only agete Ginza have.
Beautiful bright green plants, white plaster walls, modern design room with antique furniture gives you a very primtive-ish impression.
We have a small terrace with garden tables which make you feel comfortable at our spacious shop.

2. PRIMITIVE Across the Universe

Our buyers travel around the world and get inspired from each places they traveled, then product proposal thorough using agete filter.
"Primitive" and "Native" design, fascinating scent that is different from sophisticated country.
Turquoise and ethnic beads which have spicy impact jewelry with exotic atmosphere make you feel like you are traveling.

1. CLASSICAL GB Tradition

agete brand is based on the elements of “classical”, “traditional” and “antique”.
Antique jewelry such as silver, pearls, and jets (fossilized trees) collected mainly in London, we proposal, remanufacture and arranged these jewerly an agete style. These jewelry inherit from now on and future.
You can feel the elaborate and warm beauty that can be expressed only by good old designs and techniques.

3. MODERN Temporary Contemporary

An avant-garde perspective which is opposite to tradition, is also our traits.
We select and develop jewelries that uses familiar materials designed from new perspectives such as modern art and modern sensibility.
agete offers a full range of potential product proposals that describe the current and future of agete.

4. HANDWORK agete Workshop

Only agete Ginza can custom made your jewelry which you select stones and parts.
agete Ginza is the place where you can experience the joy of jewelry.
We also offer a personal service that allows you to remake your jewelry.

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