Accessory Care

Basic Care

Important reminder
for items in general

It may discolor by reacting with hot springs, seawater, ultraviolet rays, etc.
Please remove it when bathing in the sea or hot spring.
Leather bags and small leather items (such as wallets) contain tanning agents and dyes,
Accessories may discolor if stored together.

How to store your accessories

Learn how to keep your valuable accessories in good condition for a long time. Ideally, after care, store it in a low humidity area to avoid dust. Please note that it is not suitable for direct sunlight and high temperature. By touching the air, accessories can easily become discolored. After use, please keep it in a jewelry case or jewelry box.
Please wrap it with a soft cloth (cloth) to prevent the accessories from hitting each other and causing damage. Chains and long chains are easily entangled. Please keep it stretched as much as possible, or wrap it several times around a soft cloth (cloth), and keep it in a way not to get tangled.

How to store your accessories

Points to be aware of
everyday use


The thin chains often used in necklaces are very delicate, with the process of joining together very fine metal wires. Necklaces are also the accessories most often inadvertently damaged in everyday life.
It is an accessory that requires a little more care.

  • ・Changing clothes, perfume and sunscreen

    When changing clothes, be sure to remove them before putting on and taking off. In some cases, it may get caught in the headphone cord.
    Be careful not to wear perfume or sunscreen while wearing the necklace.

    Changing clothes, perfume and sunscreen
  • ・Children and pets

    Take care when holding children and pets. Be careful about large necklaces and costume necklaces, as they are likely to get caught.

    Children and pets
  • ・Sports

    Please remove it before doing sports. Because there is a risk of unexpected impact, hooking, and breakage. In addition, dirt and sweat may cause discoloration and deterioration, so it is not suitable for sports.


Long necklace

Long necklaces can be cut off by minor carelessness. Careful attention in your daily life can help you avoid damage.

  • ・when you are in crowded place

    On crowded trains and in small shops, people can get caught when passing by. It is necessary to protect the necklace with one hand.

    when you are in crowded place
  • ・When changing clothes

    Please remove your necklace before changing clothes. Knits and stalls are particularly easy to get caught.
    Buttons on clothes such as jackets and knits are also likely to get caught.

    When changing clothes
  • ・While you are working

    Even at work, It can clamp in drawers or hook on the corners of your desk. Also, please note that there are cases where it can get caught on documents or files while raising or lowering them.
    Please be careful when shopping or eating out, as you it may get caught on the corner of furniture or table.

    While you are working


It is the accessory that you wear with you for the longest time. In addition, it is something that you want to cherish because it is also an accessory with a feeling of thought.


If a strong force is applied momentarily, the ring may be deformed or a stone may be removed by impact. In addition, there is a possibility that you will drop it by the impact.
Please note that if you apply force when grasping a hard part such as a handle of a suitcase, hanging strap of a train or bus, a steering wheel of a car, etc., deformation or stone removal may occur.

  • Let's be careful about how to hold, such as changing the hand you hold.

    Let’s be careful about how to hold, such as changing the hand you hold.

  • Devise not to put too much effort.

    Devise not to put too much effort.

Bracelet & Bangle

Bracelets are accessories that can easily be forgotten to remove. Even in everyday life, a little care can prevent damage and deterioration.
You need to be careful because it is used around the arm that moves rapidly in daily life. In addition, please use the bracelet assist provided at the store when you buy it, because it may be dropped and damaged.

  • ・Sports

    Please remove it before doing sports. Because there is a risk of unexpected impact, hooking, and breakage. Also, it is not suitable for sports because the stains and sweat attached may cause discoloration and deterioration.

  • ・Knit and lace

    Please note that materials with irregularities such as knits and laces may catch on the cuffs of clothes. Attention also needs to be paid to knit gloves. Please be sure to remove it before changing clothes.

    Knit and lace

Pierced Earring & Earring

Earrings need to be handled more carefully than other accessories, such as small and delicate ones that are easy to drop.

  • ・Long, hoop type

    When using long pierced earrings, be especially careful about entanglement with your hair or catching with your fingers.

    Long, hoop type
  • ・How to store

    When storing, use jewelry cases and boxes. Please imitate when carrying it around. Placing earrings used during the day in jacket pockets or bags may cause scratches and distortion. You may forget it and lose it.

    How to store
  • ・Earring Backs

    Before wearing, check that the earring back is not too loose. You can prevent earring backs and earrings from being lost.
    In the unlikely event that you feel the earring backs are loose, and if you are worried, take it to the store. We will respond by fine-tuning the earring backs or selling new products.

    Earring Backs

Charm & Charm
for pierced earring

Please note that charms for pierced earrings are easy to lose, break or deform.

・How to store

We recommend you carry it in a jewelry case or jewelry box or store it at home.
If you remove it during the day and keep it in your pocket or bag, it can be damaged or lost. Please be careful when storing.

  • How to store
  • How to store
  • How to store


For watches that are frequently used, we would like you to treat them more carefully. Here are some precautions for that.

  • ・How to Store

    The watch is precise, so be careful of shock, magnetism, dirt and wetness. After removing from your arm, be sure to use a soft cloth to wipe off dirt and moisture.
    Ideally, keep it dry for storage. In addition, there are plating and silver products, so please wrap them in a soft cloth and keep them isolated from air. During hand washing or water work, it is recommended that you remove it as it may cause malfunction. Also, refrain from operating the crown with wet hands as moisture may get inside the watch.

    How to Store
  • ・Sports

    When playing intense sports such as golf or gym, please be don’t wear it. An unexpected impact may be applied, or dirt or sweat may cause deterioration or failure.

  • ・Magnetic force

    Watches can be damaged if they are affected by magnetic force. Please handle with special care. Be careful not to store them together with objects that emit electromagnetic waves, such as mobile phones, home appliances, and personal computers.
    Please note that watches that are stowed, especially in bags, may be affected by mobile phones and home appliances.
    Care must also be taken when using a magnetic closure bag. If the watch touches the magnet over a long period of time, it may be affected by the magnetic force and cause a malfunction.

    Magnetic force

Leather goods

A&S Inc. also deals with leather products, so we will introduce how to take care of them as well as accessories.
Leather products are made by natural materials. It may deteriorate over time. Therefore, you can maintaining it in a better condition by performing regular care.

  • ・How to Store

    On the day of use, use a soft cloth to wipe off sweat and dirt. If not used for a long time, it may cause mold, so it is ideal to carefully remove moisture and dust before storing in a place that is not exposed to the sun.
    Some leathers can easily fade, so be sure to keep them away from sunlight, strong light and heat.
    If you use special cleaners and creams to maintain the condition, you can keep it in good condition.

    How to Store
  • ・Notes on handling

    The surface of the leather product can easily get damaged, so please handle it with care.
    If it gets wet, immediately remove the moisture with a soft dry cloth. Be careful when using it on rainy days.
    There is a risk of discoloration due to friction, sweat, rain, etc. Please be careful when combining with light-colored clothes.

    Notes on handling