Before enjoying your jewelry

  • i.

    If you have sensitive skin, please watch for itching or a rash.
    Remove if you have any dicomfort and consult a skin specialist.

  • ii.

    Avoid wearing jewelry while engaged in heavy physical work, sports activities, childcare, or during sleep, as it may cause physical. injury.

  • iii.

    To avoid frostbite or burning of the skin, don’t wear jewelry in extreme temperatures, such as those found in a sauna or on ski slope.

  • iv.

    Metalic accessories may contain substances such as lead.
    Store jewelry in a safe place out of the reach of children, to avoid accidental swallowing.

  • v.

    Take care not to bump or drop the jewelry to avoid damage.
    Handle with care because certain designs may inadvertently cause danger(example:snagging on clothing or a pet’s hair).

  • vi.

    Metals and dyed materials(resin, leather, etc.)may transfer color when exposed to moisture, perspiration, or friction.Take caution especially when wearing with light-colored clothing.

  • vii.

    Please note that we may not be able to accept repair requests depending on the product condition, processing technolorgy, and / or availability of parts.

  • viii.

    Exposure to cosmetics, perfume, detergent, hot springs, seawater, or UV rays may cause discoloration.

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