Beautiful Memories and wishes
Feel the bond between you and your loved ones.
Celebrations and events,
there are so many kinds of anniversaries in our life.
It entrust your feelings and enhance your words,
or sometimes works as your amulet.
Containing different memories and thoughts
with a brilliance that will not fade away.
Accompany difference scenes in your life.
Follow your happy moment.
You won't even forget the time
when you choose your jewelry.
Our jewerly contain all the good blessings.

Wedding Anniversary

Give special shape for your wishes.

Wedding Anniversary

Our design of eternity style diamonds express
the time your
and your loved ones have been spend.

While thinking about the exciting moments that changed your life,
and the moment you feel the bond of raising
you up with love and care,
it is a happiness that will not fade over time.

Bracelet 380,000yen

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Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversary

Accumulated time.
A heart of compassion that cares for each other.
Appreciating you for stepping forward together in our life.

And on each of our wedding anniversaries,
It will show our love as a gift.
The ring, representing how we changed by time,
and will bond us to the future.

Anniversary ring 55,000yen

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Baby & Family

And become a family

And become a family

Family tree charm & Calendar charm

Family tree charm &
Calendar charm

It shows the sign of a family that is flourishing,
in the tree which stands for a symbol of vitality and prosperity.
And engraved with a memory of joy for an important anniversary
that will never be forgotten.

One after another.
It changes shape as the family member increases,
It is a memorial charm that continues into the future.

Famliy tree charm 60,000yen

※ You can set your favorite birthstone.
(Sold separately: Birthday stone 3,000yen / 5,000yen)

Calendar charm 22,000yen~

※ Because it will be made to order,
please contact the store staff when you need it.

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Baby & Mother ring

Baby & Mother ring

"Thank you for coming to this world"

Wishing happy days and healthiness accompany the birth of a new life.
With 12 kinds of birthstones that are giving out your feelings.

While the child is small, mom wears it as a charm,
When the child grows up, give it as a first jewelry.
A ring that gently bonds the mother
and child while ticking their time together.

Baby ring 13,000yen~

Mother ring 19,000yen~

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New born set

New born set

For a long time in Europe,
Silver products present as amulets to prevent bad spirits,
It is said that:
-If you give your baby a silver spoon,
The baby can live happily without worrying about food-

A spoon, that celebrates the child’s birth.
A photo frame, that decorates every day’s memory.
A key charm, that opens the door to life.
A tooth case, that values the milk teeth.

This is a gift for you, who came to this world with a lot of love.


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Anniversary charm & One & Only name given with love & Charm for mother and baby

Anniversary charm

Made of silver, this is a symbol of <pureness> <flawless>,
A motif charm related to the growth of children.
Wooden horses, buggy or baby shoes,
Familiar items that blend into everyday casual scenes,
The flow of time passing by in a flash
Makes you feel more lovable.

Charm 7,000yen~

One & Only name given with love

As a first gift from the parents.
The given name, it is the joy of birth and the desire for the child’s healthy growth,
that contains a lot of love.
A silver charm with your initials,
it will be something special that you want to give your child
instead of an amulate.

Charm 9,000yen~

Charm for mother and baby

Every mom wishes a healthy baby to be born,
and to spend every day with calm.
A pleasant music that creates an amusing time.
If you wear and keep the necklace charm close by you,
Your emotions will surely reach your baby.

Charm 24,000yen

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Family ring & Share bracelet

Family ring

Like with mom and me and with dad and me.
The only thing that sediments our time together,
is the texture of silver and the family time.
A family that precious each other will always be together.

Baby ring 20,000yen~

Family ring 23,000yen~

Share bracelet

Engrave a special message and wear it.
It may be a moment when you feel a connection
with an important person.
Wear the bracelet together, and share the feelings.

Bracelet 15,000yen~

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Birthday Stone

Birthstone it is the stone of your destiny

Birthday stone ring

Ring 40,000yen each

Birthday stone ring

Indulge in hidden thoughts to build bonds with someone.
The combination of stones that creates your uniqueness,
is a secret power charge that is close at your side.

Birthday stone ring

Ring 40,000yen

Birthday stone ring

Ring 27,000yen~

Birthday stone bracelet

It is surely a stone of fate that gives power like an amulet.
With the 12 kinds of messages and birthstones you can choose,
it will bring you a secret cheer close at your side.

Bracelet 23,000yen each

Birthday stone bracelet

Birthday stone charm

Natural shape, particular cut,
And a new fate stone born by your desinged combination.

Four yourself.
And sometimes, for someone important.

A special charm that you chose by thinking of an important person,
it will surely be your only amulet in the world.

Charm 18,000yen~

Birthday stone charm
Birthday stone charm
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New Memorial

Today is somebody's special anniversary

Drawing charm

Drawing charm

A memory. A word. A portrait. A letter.
Even the most trivial things can be carved deeply into your heart.

Change each memory into a form that will not fade.

Have a chat by cherishing the memory.
This is a sign of growth filled by fun and joyful.

Charm 17,000yen~

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Signet ring

Signet ring

A nobleman of Europe has long since wearing a signet ring
that expresses his origin.
The hand-craved texture designed by the inspiration
of the emblem
and initials were impressive.
A personal icon that you always wear and keep close to you.

Charm 23,000yen

Ring 17,000yen~

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