agete Aoyama

Colorized sense of values
and different cultures
which loved by all generations.
Jewelry which walks
with weave the words and memories

Everithing about “agete” is here.


  • アガット 青山本店
  • アガット 青山本店
    Bridal room アマンダ
  • Earring charm pallet
  • アガット 青山本店
    アガット 青山本店 アガット 青山本店

Limited Item

Aoyama Limited

from left
pierced earrings 55,000yen/ K10, labradorite, shell, quartz and diamond ※10/7(金)発売
ring 45,000yen/ K10, labradorite, shell and quartz ※10/7(金)発売
pierced earrings 65,000yen/ K10, quartz
ring 60,000yen/ K10, quartz and diamond
ring 190,000yen/ K18, sapphire and diamond
necklace 160,000yen/ K18, sapphire and diamond
charm 28,000yen/ K10, labradorite, shell and quartz ※10/7(金)発売
charm 48,000yen/ K10, quartz and diamond

Speciality Store Limited

Speciality Store Limited

ring 40,000yen/ K10, topaz and moonstone
necklace 45,000yen/ K10, topaz and moonstone

Speciality Store Limited

Speciality Store Limited

from left
pierced earrings 36,000yen
necklace 32,000yen
ring 30,000yen
K10, pearl and diamond

Aoyama Limited

Aoyama Limited

from top
chain 20,000yen/ K18
pierced earrings 60,000yen
ring 50,000yen
charm 43,000yen
/ K10, moonstone and diamond

Aoyama Limited

Aoyama Limited

from left
charm 50,000yen
charm 48,000yen
necklace 72,000yen
ring 80,000yen
/ K18 and diamond


Bridal engrave service

Engraving initials and anniversary date is free. We make only one ring for you.
Special font is available only at agete Aoyama Main store.
Please check the font samples from the chart on the right side.


ブライダル 刻印サービス

Cash on delivery service

agete Aoyama Main Store has special shopping service for customers who live in a long distance. Please contact to agete Aoyama Main store for more details.
Please note that…
*Shipping fee is not included. *We do not accept returns or exchanges for your convenience. *We also accept cash-on-delivery of repair items.



Remake Service

Would you like to remake your memorable jewelry to agete style jewelry?
*We use your jewelry stones. (We accept non-agete brand as well) *We will remake your jewelry to rings and charms. *Please choose the stone frame from our existing design. *Takes about two months to remake your jewelry. Please contact to our staff at agete Aoyama Main Store. *There is a possibility that we can't remake your jewelry. Please contact to our staff at agete Aoyama Main Store for more details.



Penny Machine

You can make your original coin charm. Insert your coin to the machine and turn it around, then your coin becomes a coin charm.
This service is for only the customers who purchased our jewelry at our roadside store. Make a hole to your coin and make it to a keyholder. The engraving service is also available on the back of your coin. (Up to three alphabet letters)
Please come visit us when you are nearby our store.




5-6-26,minami-aoyama,minato-ku,tokyo 107-0062
Tel: 03-3400-2202 Open: 11:00-20:00

*Our business hours may change.
Please contact to the store for the details.

agete Aoyama flagshop

"agete Aoyama" is our main store in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo. Like you're on a timeless voyage and stateless space spread here.
Inside our store, we have original collections, import jewelry, very rare vintage jewelry etc., This is the main store selection.
The building covered with modern tiles, each seasons the impressive display attract people walking outside from our spaciousness big window.

Bridal room

Our bridal room's atmosphere is like a classical church which has beautiful stained glasses in somewhere in Europe.
Nice relaxing peaceful time flows in this room and our bridal collections welcome you and your loved one.

"Amanda" is our most experienced staff since we start agete. When we opened our first store, our staff based in London met "Amanda" at antique market and brought "Amanda" all the way to Japan.
"Amanda" our shop staff starts to call her naturally. Don't forget to meet "her", when you visit our Aoyama store.

Earring charm pallet

Various color, volume and shapes. These special, unique, one of kind earring charm items are only availabe at limited stores.
Able to purchase from one item, so you can enjoy your coodinate. Add one on your earring or earring charm, or choose different shapes and colors.
Please enjoy your own style.

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