Accessory Care

Basic Care

Basic Care

Various metal materials such as platinum, gold and silver are used for accessories.
Introducing how to care for the base metal parts.

1. Wipe with soft cloth

After wearing the accessories, sweat, dirt, dust, etc. are easily attached. Before storing, please use a soft cloth for jewelry (precious metal) to gently wipe off sweat, dirt, and dust.

Wipe with soft cloth

2. Cleaning

Please use a jewelry cleaner to remove any dirt, and then use tap water to wash off any adhering cleaner. After that, wipe off the moisture and dry thoroughly.
For darkening of silver items, please use a cleaner to remove dirt and rinse with tap water.
And repeat the wiping with a soft cloth for jewelry (precious metal), it will be clean by repeating a few times.

* When using tap water, be careful not to allow accessories to flow down the drain.

* If the surface of the accessory is coated with adhesive or coated with resin, etc., the surface may be removed or the texture may change due to “wetness / moisture” caused by washing.

Chains, such as ball chains and those that have been plated, may become discolored or cut easily due to the remaining moisture. In that case, we recommend you not to wash but wipe off the moisture with soft cloth.


3. Polish

As a basis for polishing, it is important to use a special cloth depending on the material (metal). If you want to repair small scratches as well as “wipe” in step 1, use a polishing cloth for jewelry (precious metal) that contains abrasives.
However, please understand that some polished cloths are plated, annealed or matted, but may impair the texture, so some materials are not suitable.