Bridal Service

This is a special ring that is made after receiving an order.
It takes about one month to hand it over. Also, depending on the stock status of the selected diamond,
Please order early as it may take more than one month.

Bridal Sale Certificate

We give a lifetime guarantee
for the ring that promises eternity.
A “Bridal Sales Certificate” will be issued.

To keep your loved ones cherished, agete offers a full range of after-sales service.
Please bring your ring and “Bridal Sales Certificate” to your local shop when requesting.

  • Refinish
  • Reshape
  • Re-engraved
  • Stone retaine
  • Resize

* Stone suppling willl be charged seperately than the above items.


We will engrave your two initials and anniversary date free of charge and make it the only one ring in the world.
(There are stores where you can choose fonts. Some items cannot be engraved depending on the design. The number of characters depends on the design size. )


Modifications to sizes other than the expanded sizes are custom-ordered products, so there may be additional charges other than the product price.
(Custom sizes are limited. Due to design, some items cannot be resized.)


We also accept half-size orders. There may be a separate fee depending on the design.


Pure platinum is very soft and easily damaged,
agete uses Pt900, which has the hardness and purity appropriate for a bridal ring.


In the catalog, notifications are as following: yellow gold = YG, pink gold = PG, white gold = WG, champagne gold = CG.

  • * Some items cannot be resized due to the design.
  • * Price may change due to price fluctuation of bullion.
  • * All prices are exclusive of tax. Please ask at the store staff for details.
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