Quality of Diamond

“Four Cs” that determine the value of diamonds

1. Carat

A unit that indicates the weight of a gem, displayed as “ct”. One carat is 0.2 g.

2. Color

The closer to colorless and transparent, the higher the rarity is. It is classified into 23 grades.
agete’s engagement rings are available in three grades of colorless D / E / F. (Some products are not eligible)

  • DEF


  • GHIJ
    ほぼ無色Near Colorless

    Near Colorless

  • KLM
    わずかな黄色Faint Yellow

    Faint Yellow

    非常にうすい黄色Very Light Yellow

    Very Light Yellow

  • S~Z
    うすい黄色Light Yellow

    Light Yellow

3. Clarity

It represents the transparency of the diamond.
Judging by the number and size of inclusions in the diamond through a 10x magnifier, it is graded into 11 levels. agete’s engagement rings are available in four grades, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, and VS2, which are highly transparent. (Some products are not eligible)

  • FL IF
  • VVS1 VVS2
  • VS1 VS2
  • SI1 SI2
  • I1 I2 I3

4. Cut

There are 5 grades based on the overall diamond proportion and polishing technical evaluation.
From agete’s engagement rings, you can choose from two types: Excellent and Very good, which both maximize the diamond’s original brilliance. (Some products are not eligible)

  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor
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