Simple and sophisticated
fashion jewelry
and accessories
with a sense of the times.

June 9th, 1990.
The first agete store opened
along the Kotto Dori in Aoyama, Tokyo,
and its history has begun.
agete has sensed the changes of the times
and has always proposed half-step ahead,
and has grown while changing our expression little by little.

And there was a “brand identity”
that had been protected since agete started.
agete, becoming a brand that a lot of people love.

Until now and in the future.


A track of growth of agete which has always proposed new jewelery that suits the age.



“Retro yet modern” and “classic yet fashionable”. We focus on design philosophy and agete leads fashion trends with a sharp sense of style and creates creative jewelry.
In the ever-changing world of fashion, agete design is also changing and challenging to new styles.



Bold stonework and particular natural stones.
Since agete start, we have valued that stone is also a part of design, such as jewelry which use stones with agete original cuts, rough cuts and rough stones. We have been proposing new collections by establishing a new style of jewelry with our unique cutting techniques.



Jewelry is a very personal item. At agete, we use unique and rare stones, and customers enjoy encounter with these special pieces. When you see jewelry with birthstones and initials embedded, have you ever think about which one to choose? Your birthstone or your partner’s?
Jewelry that flourish your memorie, and jewerly that you can only meet at that moment.
agete always makes customers’ everyday life more precious through Jewelry that is your personal item.

  • 1990

    June 9th, 1990. The first agete store opened along the Kotto Dori in Aoyama, Tokyo.

    June 9th, 1990. The first agete store opened along the Kotto Dori in Aoyama, Tokyo. At that time, our store was distinctive store which has all kind of jewelry such as silver, gold, precious stones and semi precious stones, with all kind of design such as basic, contemporary yet casual, original design and antique jewelry from Europe.

  • 1990 Mid-term

    We proposal a lot of jewelry which use labradorite.

    The natural beauty of materials raised by nature, such as ebony (black altar) and cherry ambers, and stones that are not often used in fashion jewelry, such as meteorites and granites. Especially, labradorite is a very attractive stone with a distinct nuance that has been used in many jewelry since this time. Our though for stones become stronger since we use various of stones and minerals.

  • Early 2000

    “Motifs” and “Charms”

    Classical atmosphere became more visible in the design at that time, “motifs” and “charms” became familiar, which can now be said to be the icons of agete. “Charms” which you choose and matches your style is the icon of agete that gives you a unique sense of fashion. It was around this time that the idea of “anniversary” was born. agete started our collection wishing the jewelry should be more personal and valuable piece for your life.

  • 2000 Mid-term

    Feminine and delicate design became mainstream

    Cameo or amber were too formal for fashion jewelry, however, adding agete essence create new design. It has expanded the potential of jewelry and has become accepted by young women. At the same time, the diversification of tastes and the various choices also appeared in products, and the concept of “limited time campaign” penetrated to people.

  • Early 2010

    Timeless jewelry that can be enjoyed as your fashion

    Follow the trend yet still prefer basic design. We keep challenging and focus on materials, we expanded our jewelry lineup of high-quality K18 and diamonds. The design, in which the necklace is made by directly drilling holes in the diamonds, was a luxury to enjoy the shine of the stone. Even if there are similar kinds of diamond necklaces, we are particular about the way of set the stones and the design of the chains, and we always have the “only style of agete”.

  • to be continued…

* The products listed in History are archived and are not sold at stores. Please note.

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